Product Care

Our main material, The Leather we create with, is a living and dynamic material.

No two pieces of leather will ever be identical, which is what makes it unique and is one of the reasons we love it.
This uniqueness also means items from the same series might slightly variate from each other.
The use of the products creates changes in the leather, which give them the unique character of its owners. The colours and textures will evolve and age naturally with time and wear.

At Bottega Bash we aim that our products will be enjoyable for many years.
To make sure it does, please avoid contact of the product with sharp objects, oils and unclean areas. 

We highly recommend using cleaning and moisturising products that are suitable for shoes and leathers. 

Please visit our blog to read about more handy tips for caring for your leather products. 
*For specific questions about caring for you shoes please feel free to contact us via our contact page  or by e-mail:



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