The Bottega Bash brand was founded by designer Moria Bash in 2013.

The unique style of the designer is inspired by daily experiences in the classic urban life style.

Our products are manufactured in a traditional workshop in the south of Tel-Aviv. 
Our factory specializes in creating high quality leather products, with attention to details, excellent finish and from the best materials.

We guarantee our products are manufactured in fair trade standards, locally and with out compromising quality. 

We work with a variety of leathers and fabrics. Some of our leathers are re-printed in images and patters, from pictures taken all over the world, especially for our brand. This combination of material and technique creates the unique look you can only get with Bottega Bash

In our collection you can find a wide variety of shoes, bags, wallets and accessories, traditionally hand made by local professional craftsmen. 

We believe our client should feel great about herself and her look without having to compromise her comfort. Today, you can get that perfect combination with a new pair of shoes by Bottega Bash- comfort, style & long lasting quality. 




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